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What a pain…

(やれやれだぜ Yare Yare Daze)

– Jotaro Kujo

Shotaro Murakami (村上 将(承)太郎 ) is a member of Yho Laboratry. He has studied Mechanical Engineering at the KNIT(Kagoshima National Institute of Technology). And researched about “Smart Eye-Glasses” based on Control Engineerings.

Shotaro is a Japanese who growing up in Kagoshima, Japan. He has been interested in new technologies since he was a child and aspires to become Baikinman(バイキンマン) in the future… When he was in kindergarten, he used to make cardboard and showed it to my friends and teachers everyday. At the same time when he entered elementary school, he started to fiddling with machines under the influence of car-loving father.He grew up with technology to the present day.

Today, he works on virtual container technology and embedded programs, learning beyond the boundaries of mechanical engineering. In addition, he is studying individually with an interest in art, politics and economics.


Introduction Shotaro’s Hobbies

He has a keen interest in Moto when he was child. This picture is one of his Moto.

He also liked to do painting. Surely he’s not good at drawing like a photo, but doesn’t he feel the creativity from his work?

He likes to do gardening. Recently he is absorbed in roses including mini roses.Unfortunately he still lives in his apartment However, his sense will be considerable.